Getting Around Buffalo

Public Transportation
The public transportation in Buffalo is run by the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority (NFTA). The NFTA runs one light rail train line from the northeastern corner of the city near the University of Buffalo all the way down to downtown Buffalo at the Erie Canal Harbor. The northern half of the line runs underground and the southern half runs aboveground.

The light rail line is a quick and efficient way to get between destinations located along its length. However, the buses run by the NFTA cover the entire city. They are not as fast as the light rail line, but they do operate fairly efficiently. There are no free transfers on the bus lines, so those who need to transfer should just buy a day-pass from any NFTA center.

Rent a Car
Buffalo is a very easy city to get around by car. The parking in the city is ample in most area, though it is a little tight and expensive in the downtown area. The roads are easy-to-navigate and there are several highways to quickly get drivers from one side of Buffalo to another.

Driving in Buffalo during the winter can get a bit icy. The area gets a huge amount of snowfall, but the road crews do a good job of plowing and getting salt and sand down. Just be sure to drive a little slower and leave extra time to get to the destination when driving in Buffalo during the winter months.

It is hard to hail a cab in Buffalo unless at the airport, bus station or in the bar districts late at night. It is a good idea for visitors in Buffalo who need to use cabs to program a couple of cab companies' numbers into their phones. A cab can be dispatched to any location in Buffalo in less than 15 minutes.

Walking in Buffalo is nice during the mild half of the year. During the winter it can range from unpleasant to downright dangerous. Be sure to bundle up well when walking in Buffalo during the winter.

Buffalo is a fairly bike-friendly city. Most of the major roads have bike lanes and drivers are courteous to bike riders for the most part. There are also several dedicated bike paths in the area and a number of beautiful bike rides to take. The trouble is that there is a large part of the year where the cycling is dangerous due to snow and ice on the roads.