Special Events in Buffalo

Hellenic Festival
Every year, Buffalo, New York, is home to a Hellenic Festival that allows everyone to experience Greek culture. People that attend this festival can enjoy authentic Greek cuisine, listen to live Greek music, and watch Greek folk dancing. There are displays depicting aspects of Greek culture to give visitors an idea of what it means to be Greek. The festival includes a bakery and gift shop, so people can purchase traditional Greek items.

Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts
The annual Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts is held in Buffalo, New York. Aside from perusing the amazing arts and crafts that are for sale, visitors to this festival can enjoy several live performances, dance, and eat. There is a special area of the festival that is just for kids where they can do art projects, see performances that are geared towards kids, and take part in a special parade just for kids. This kid-friendly event is an enjoyable stop for the whole family.

National Garden Festival
Anyone visiting or living in Buffalo, New York, can enjoy the annual National Garden Festival. Although this festival has only been going on for a few years, it has gained fame and become a popular event for garden-lovers. The festival lasts for several days, during which visitors can tour several types of gardens, attend workshops, and listen to speakers as they enjoy the abundance of plant life.

Winterfest and Powder Keg Festival
During winter, Buffalo, New York, hosts the Winterfest and Powder Keg Festival to celebrate wintertime. This event is fun for the whole family as people take part in classic winter activities such as ice-skating, snowshoeing, and carriage rides. People can enjoy the hot food from the vendors as they stroll around the streets of Buffalo watching people carving ice or snowboarding on the hills. There will be live music and contests to enter. Take a break from the dreary winter and come out for some fun.

Boom Days
Every year in Buffalo, New York, western New-Yorkers greet the coming of spring with Boom Days, named for the ice-boom that occurs in the water of the Great Lakes near Buffalo. There are the cultural events where people learn about and experience Buffalo's rich heritage. People can enjoy drink specials at the waterfront pubs, dancing, great food, fireworks, and a whole lot of fun as they say good-bye to the cold winter months.