Attractions in Buffalo

Niagara Falls
A short 20-minute drive from the city takes visitors to one of the most popular attractions in Buffalo, NY, Niagara Falls. Hear the roar of the cascading water, feel the mist and witness the amazing rainbows as the sun catches the water. Take the elevator ride to the gorge and step aboard a ferry. Donning a waterproof poncho, travel to the base of the falls and feel the vibration as the force of the water pounds the rocks down below. The site additionally features the Niagara Holiday Market, which hosts dozens of food and craft vendors along with entertainment for the entire family.

Buffalo Zoological Gardens
For a relaxing and educational afternoon, venture over to the Buffalo Zoological Gardens. The facility boasts being the third oldest zoo in the United States. The animal exhibits include recreated natural environments surrounded by beautiful gardens and specially designated areas for adventure, fun and history. The facility offers a fine selection of demonstrations, explanations and opportunities for coming face to face with a number of animals. The wide range of animals include amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles along with a newborn exhibit.

Buffalo & Erie County Naval and Military Park
One of the popular attractions in Buffalo, NY for military and history buffs includes the Buffalo & Erie County Naval and Military Park. Here visitors tour a variety of ships, aircraft and military vehicles. Explore the USS Little Rock and the USS Sullivans battleships along with the USS Croaker submarine. The array of aircraft includes the one-man X-Ron 1 Rotorcycle helicopter and the P-39 Airacobra. A museum commemorates the men and women who served in various campaigns, in different parts of the world, and in the various branches of the military.

Ansley Wilcox Mansion
Visit the site of Theodore Roosevelt's inauguration at the Ansley Wilcox Mansion. See the classical dining room filled with authentic furnishings and period china. Marvel at the Georgian Revival woodwork that decorates each room. Admire the attention to detail in the woodwork and elaborate furnishings. Look for the collection of gas and kerosene light fixtures throughout the home along with the ornate wallpaper. Enter the carriage house filled with a museum and historical artifacts that include election memorabilia.

Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens
Attractions in Buffalo, New York, that appeal to anyone who enjoys gardening, plants or the outdoors includes the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. The site covers over 150 acres and has indoor and outdoor gardens. Three glass domes cover the nine greenhouses that comprise the indoor sites, which house an array of exotic plants and flowers from many different environments that range from desert landscapes to mountain rainforests. The outdoor gardens feature roses and arrays of shrubs and flowering plants.